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  1. Míšo, super článek. Hodně věcí vidíme stejně. Třeba nikdy mě nenapadlo, že to jde bez žehlení. Co si myslíš o veřejných prádelnách? Okusil jsem jejich kouzlo v Asii a v USA a přijde mi to rozhodně zajímavé místo pro setkávání lidí. V Čechách to ale jaksi nejede.

  2. The first sentence sounds like something out of 11th grade English composition class, struggling too hard for a grabber.Then again, I’m not reading anything now, although I must have dozens of books whose pages need cracking.Why go to them when I can come here and read all day?

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  4. i like them both.. but i like the green one better because its easy to put on. has better grip and it’s shock absorbent.. so if it falls it takes a bigger blow then the iphone.. then the purplecase.. I am a girl but not a girly girl XD.the purple one is also cute and good it will rupture not that fast as the green one i think.

  5. Et bah dis donc ca déchaine les folies et les passions ce sujet ! Pour ma part, j’en rejoins certains, le string c’est bien, mais faut pas être exclusif ! Y a de très sympathiques petites culottes tout ? fait sexy qui peuvent nous ravir ! Voili voilou ! A bon entendeur mlles !

  6. Whereas I will not immediately come to an agreement with the opinion previously mentioned, at least that particular person does establish a position. We seem to get trapped up in the details and lose perception of the greater picture.

  7. Sorry this a little off topic. But I think another current Nigerian Curiosity is the way the Judiciary seems to be falling on the people’s sides these days especially with gubernatorial issues. Lately the Judges and the SANs have become the Kingmakers. Is this new development really a good thing or is this a case of the elite forcing their choices on the people afterall no one really knows who won these elections.

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  9. Everyday we hear about more people who have been trying to cope, living sick. They don’t speak for many reasons including risking the opportunity to sell and get out. Others don’t want to cause community and neighbour disharmony or risk being labeled a complainer as so many are that have come forward.The government is on it’s last legs with this issue.

  10. lepas tu nak sedondon pula dengan Ammar & Arissa yang mengenakan felt t-shirt dari air tangan Berry , sudahnya makcik pun pakai t-shirt dengan jeans je. Pastu kenakan tudung yang penuh dengan batu

  11. Floaty around swings will be a crucial part of any team’s handler arsenal, but contrary to the DC Current’s full-field tryouts held last week, head coach Ben Wiggins did not introduce MLU rules until the second

  12. The Brady Bunch and Bloomberg’s Bullies thought they could wage a successful war of economic attrition against the Little Man, the Courts are ruling otherwise. Good lawyers will always come forth to defend and uphold our constitution!

  13. ராஜீவுக்கு கொடுக்கப்பட்ட மரண தண்டனையை ஒரு முகாந்திரமாகக் கொண்டு, பயங்கரவாத பீதீயூட்டி ஈழப் போராட்டத்தை தமிழக மக்களிடமிருந்து அந்நியப்படுத்துவதில் அரசு வெற்றிபெற்றது என்ற அடிப்படையில்தான் புலிகளை விமர்சிக்கலாம். மேலும், இயல்பாகவே ஒரு முக்கிய விசயத்தையும் பலரும் கவனிப்பதில்லை(தலைவர்கள் மறைத்து விடுகிறார்கள்) ஈழத் தமிழர்களும், தமிழ்நாட்டுத் தமிழர்களும் வேவ்வேறு தேசிய இனங்கள்.

  14. February 12, 2007 – 7:59 pm I don’t necessarily disagree with you, practical, but it’s difficult to tell the small biz owners who want to know why they can be found here, but not there, for the same search terms to just sit back and let Google figure it out. You’d think they might’ve figured it out already.

  15. Yes your oven will make a big difference. You can buy an oven thermometer cheaply on ebay and check the temp. Or experiment with increasing the heat in case it was too low. Try convection on. If you make one batch and pipe 10 onto each baking sheet, slide them onto a tray and bang them immediately and then bake one at a time experimenting with your oven position and settings. Try the top shelf and then move down when they look done and put the empty tray on top then.

  16. So Kewl ..the Pigott brothers will tour the west coast..I hope the Reverb did well .. cannot wait to see them here in Vancouver, especially with the other idols ..Paul and Greg..

  17. Zepa, lukeminen on tosiaan varmaan vaikuttanut sellaisiinkin leikkeihin, jotka eivät ole suoraan liittyneet tiettyyn kirjaan. Lukeminen on niin tärkeää monella tavalla! :)Jo oli minunkin esikuvani tai ainakin jäi Pikku Naisista parhaiten mieleen. Mielikuva pyyhe-Batmanista on riemastuttava! 😀

  18. "The brutal murders of the Fogel family…. have shocked the world."If only that were true. Very few people in the world know about the story because it has been ignored by the main stream media.

  19. Definitely pink, Mary! :)I'm crazy about grapefruit, have it every morning of my life. And I often have a smoothie mid afternoon made with frozen strawberries. Going to add grapefruit today!

  20. Iti multumesc pentru exemplul oferit.Sincera sa fiu, ma asteptam sa fie o poanta, repede trecuta cu vederea.Este absolut impresionant sa vad ce reactie au membrele de pe Forum, nu ne asteptam, nici eu, nici echipa, la asa ceva. Incep sa realizez fenomenul, care cat de legate pot fi aceste comunitati, cata putere au…Concluzia: abia astept sa vina odata 1 aprilie

  21. Thanks SOO much for the advice!! I was wondering though, I have really bad asthma, even when I take meds and go jogging I get winded. Do you have any suggestions about how to jog outside and get around that? Thanks so much!

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  24. Sono commossa *.*La pubblicità della Veet non è cambiata poi molto… Magari usa dei toni meno aulici, ma il senso è lo stesso… Anche la palla della "gradevole profumazione" XD però di rimborsi in caso di fallimento non se ne parla più 😉

  25. михаил:Политика МММ,как я понял, в сути такова: мелкие суммы принимаются и выплачиваются (таких большенство, пятерым выплатил, они еще десять за собой приведут), а крупные только принимаются (зачем им платить, у кого есть крупные деньги, тот рассказывать не станет). Вообщем гений ваш «ÃÂ½ÃÂ°ÃÂ²Ã‘€Ð¾Ð´Ðµ». А по ммморде то ему бы конечно не помешало бы.

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  27. hombre, es que encima que hacen dinero a costa de mis fantabulosos contenidos con la publicidad del buscador (ya, sabes tengo un enorme nab… pagerank, que diga), no les voy a regalar también mis pequeñas píldoras de sabiduría comentarística @YoNoSoyTu zenity es un clásico (antes se llamaba gdialog, kdialog es el equivalente kdeero), no tiene demasiadas opciones pero te lo resuelve cuando no necesitas demasiada GUI. Lo malo es que después de un par de usos quieres más opciones (sigo hablando de zenity).

  28. …but my family was like ‘oh we’re bringing donuts to the house’ and I was like ‘I really don’t like you right now’ and then I ate half of them… LOVE this haha you’re so great! please keep doing it for a very loong time!!

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  33. I am so jealous! That sounds so amazing. And like you, I would be freaking out thinking, "What did I just do!" I like to sit behind my computer, and my mask, and just pretend I'm really cool. have a blast!!

  34. Alltså är du som skriver den här bloggen korkad på riktigt? Du är då verkligen inte den gamla Gossips då hon iaf var hyfsat intelligent. Du ligger på samma nivå som en 12-åring. Jag trodde äntligen jag hade hittat en bra skvallerblogg men du gör bara bort dig mer och mer för varje dag. Om någon annan kan tipsa på en SMART skvallerblogg, snälla kommentera detta.

  35. I can’t figure out mw’s point. When you say, “That’s gonna kill the curve..,” you know that the braniac in the class is changing the likelihood of you getting an A. Everyone is different, and there are various grades available (A, B, C, etc.). Just like houses in a town.The killer is an outlier, maybe, but everyone in the class recognizes this statistical change will most likely have an impact on you.

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  38. I'm an r-roller (Italian) and my husband is not (English). I made sure the children could both roll their r's because you never know when it might come in handy.We have a great indy bookstore down the street which I love. I've tried chatting gently to the owner, but he's a bit shy. I will keep at it, because it would be a great place for a launch party. 😉

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  40. 1. In retrospect, what do you think we could or should have done differently that would have helped avoid our current rate of real estate value depreciation? 1a. Put differently, what are the top 3 lessons we need to learn from recent real estate events?2. What changes do you see happening in the real estate industry as a result of this?3. Are there measures that you are currently pursuing that will help the market stabilize? – Rate this comment: 0  0

  41. yeah, I tried – unsuccessfully – to fight the inevitable tendency to call it a TARDISMe too. I do my best to call it the ship, after the old Hartnell stories, with a smattering of "capsule."Doesn't always work out. Meanwhile, the players keep calling their Time Lord "Doctor," so I can't feel too bad.

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  43. Why wouldn't our nation want to develop renewables anyway…I think that all local and state governments should develop solar farms and collect a check from power producers for what's contributed back to the grid."Because it's too expensive, and taxpayers-consumers will pay government too much, one way or another.

  44. "No taxation without representation"Maybe its time to reverse that,no representation(ie no vote) without taxation,if you aint contributing you dont get a say in how things are done.

  45. Interesant dar nu e genul de eveniment la care as participa . Nu dintr-o mandrie stupida de genul "n-am ce invatat de la ele" ci din simplul motiv ca in acest moment sunt axata pe alt fel de pregatire si nu neaparat pe dezvoltare personala/spirituala- bussiness, etc. Insa o sa citesc cu interes tot ce postezi in legatura cu subiectul

  46. you and your outfit look gorgeous against the floral backdrop! thanks for getting back to me about your drawing btw. it seems that so many people are using tablets nowadays to create amazing artwork! I’ve been thinking of getting a tablet myself haha

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  48. Mary, thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog…particuarly because it brought me to yours! I will definitely be looking through your wonderful recipes and fantasizing about all the things I can't currently cook here in Taiwan 🙂

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  50. I FINALLY GOT MOSAIC YARN!!!! I fell in LOVE with it when I saw it here. I cant wait for my own purse. I might even put some STIFF STUFF in it HA HA You crack me up Mikey!

  51. it was too big for her. I was against it!!! So since she did that we went to pick out another. Lol. Up against her body it was big though. I could put dallas in there and he would stretch out

  52. This brought me to tears- I recently went on a romantic getaway to DC and we stayed in Herndon, but explored a lot of the places used in this! Absolutely gorgeous idea, photos, and story.

  53. I’ve gone over to the Goins side. Enjoy reading his stuff, but have not been able to get “Wrecked”. Actually that’s not true. I’ve been wrecked a time or two. House destroyed out from under my family and me, 2 months at the WTC in NY (2001), company shut down in April, wife has MS … and that’s for starters. But you know what – I’m OK. I’d like to see how others have coped with Wreckage though.

  54. Jessica-I certainly could have done more due diligence on it, which is one of the reasons I chose to see it with them. Fortunately, I had a chance to talk with them afterward, and learn what they found disturbing, and what I found troubling about it.Hopefully this post helps a few people give it careful consideration for their own family.-TravisTravis Campbell recently posted..

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  56. Hey Ched,If it were standard rock it would be around E2 5b I reckon, but the clue is in the title and the given grade of XS. The whole pillar does vibrate and move which is slightly disconcerting! Good luck, its a great outing!Nick

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